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Aurora Hill, Ph.D.



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For Menopausal Women

A Woman’s Monthly Journal

Reconnect with Your Natural Rhythm



Use this easy to record journal to discover information about yourself such as  energy level, dreaming, creativity and moon-time.



Moon-Wisdom  Women

Deluxe Version* ($24.00)

*includes Night Dream & Day Dream Sections

Capture the Essence of Your Dreams



Sweet Dreams Combination ($25.00)

(Journal Workbook & Dream Bag)

A Woman’s Monthly Journal

For Mothers and Daughters

Perfect Gift To Celebrate Her Becoming A Woman!


A beautiful spiral bound, Woman’s Monthly Journal with a laminated cover and a special inscription page.  An easy to record method for menses, energy level, dreaming, and creativity, a night-dreams section and a heart-dreams section with Heart Helps for self-discovery.



Moon-Menses Women

Deluxe Version* ($24.00)


*includes Night Dream & Day Dream Sections

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Through Journaling


AnimalTeacher Wheel

Find See & Learn Series


Develops finding & seeing skills

Encourages visiting Animals Places

Promotes discussions about animals and healthy living practices.

Provides a permanent record of observations.

Introduces words and concepts used by earth conscious peoples.


AnimalTeacher Wheel Journal ($18.00)